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September 7, 2022

The Roasterie Launches Single-Serve Coffee Pods

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Sept. 7, 2022) – The Roasterie, Kansas City’s Coffee Company, recently launched a new line of single-serve pods using the leading technology in single-serve coffee. With coffee pods constantly developing, The Roasterie has chosen iFillSystems to produce its pods utilizing their top-of-the-line brewing processes to create the best single-use coffee pods on the market to date.

When single-serve coffee pods were initially developed, the typical pod was produced for a convenience cup with low-quality brewing capabilities. Traditional pods have a weak and shallow paper filter, allowing water to channel directly past the coffee grounds, resulting in a weaker brew. Today, pod technology has advanced to a level that allows for a stronger, higher-quality brew. The double-pleated filter that iFillSystems has developed allows for full contact to the coffee grounds, resulting in finer grounds and a much stronger brew.

“As a specialty coffee collective, it is vital that the quality of our coffee maintains its intended flavor no matter what form our consumers are experiencing it in,” said Joe Marrocco, Vice President of Coffee at FairWave. “This new technology allows for full flavor extraction from every pod, ensuring that the flavor meets our standards in every individual cup that is consumed.”

The Roasterie’s new single-serve pods are currently available in the following blends: Breakfast Blend, Classic Cup, Kansas City Blend, Full Vengeance, Betty’s Recipe, and Kansas City Decaf. In addition, seasonal flavors including Autumn Harvest and the Holiday Blend will both be available in single-serve pods later this year.

About The Roasterie
The Roasterie has been Kansas City’s coffee company since 1993. The Roasterie sources the finest coffee in the world, uses art & science to perfectly roast right here in Kansas City and provides extraordinary coffee experiences brewed in cafés, in restaurants, and at home. For more information about The Roasterie or its production facility tours, or to purchase The Roasterie coffee and products online, visit