When you join FairWave, you’re joining a group of people who are just as passionate about the coffee industry as you are.

Leadership Team

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Dan Trott


Thirty years in the beverage industry has taught Dan Trott many lessons, but an essential lesson is “Growth is oxygen to a business. Without it, they would not be able to survive. For Dan, progress comes with savvy consumer insights, careful collaboration, and carving distinct brand identities.  Though Dan’s strategy changes with each distinctive brand that joins the Collective, these values lie at the heart of all of them. These principles ensure that brands don’t just survive but thrive on the support of their communities.

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Dan and his wife are dedicated to supporting their community. Helping families and children in need is a foundational principle for his family.

Kevin Johnson

VP of Food/Bakery Operations & Strategy

The culinary experience has been a lifelong journey for Kevin Johnson. His love of food has taken him far, from representing the U.S. at the Dean & DeLuca International Chefs conference in Thailand to collaborating with Pharrell Williams on the Williams Family Kitchen. Since joining the team at FairWave, Kevin has been focused on building and preserving the unique local brands within the collective.

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The next destination on Kevin’s journey might be a spot on HGTV. Outside of work, he can be found cranking away on home improvement projects.

Joe Marrocco

VP of Coffee

For Joe Marrocco, coffee is a language that crosses all borders. His fluency in the craft has taken him to every corner of the industry, from serving as a barista to importing. Joe understands that coffee’s universality comes from its ability to adapt to local communities. He believes uniting local brands allows them to change the world through ethical buying practices. Joe is an eyewitness to the power of green coffee importing and has seen its impact on his trips to coffee-growing regions and industry events. His mission for restorative practices and long-lasting p

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If you gather around the campfire with Joe after one of his fishing trips, you might be lucky enough to hear him play a tune on his guitar.

Chris Haskett

VP of Collective Development

For Chris Haskett, business development means continuing beloved legacies. His experience has shown that new tactics can revitalize local businesses while remaining true to their founder’s vision. It’s the shared value of brand retention that drew Chris to FairWave. He believes in local coffee brands’ power to bind communities together. He’s determined to preserve small businesses by helping them transition to the next phase of their unique journeys.

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Outside of a coffee shop, Chris can be found outdoors, connecting with nature and the people he loves. 

Suzanne Gunning

VP of Marketing

The marketing projects on Suzanne Gunning’s résumé are varied, but they share a common thread: creating impact. Her latest role at FairWave is no exception. Suzanne’s experience has shown her that marketing empowers people to work together for positive change. She looks forward to using her skills to drive support for local brands and community organizations … and toward great cups of coffee.

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If you see Suzanne off the clock, it’s probably not going to be in Kansas City. An explorer at heart, she finds that her children’s curiosity has made her trips even more exciting.

Local Presidents

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Isaac Hodges

KC President

A longtime leader in the coffee industry, Isaac Hodges has seen firsthand how local businesses create a ripple effect in the global supply chain. He’s drawn by FairWave’s unique ability to connect with ethical suppliers and organizations that positively impact their communities. Isaac finds that FairWave’s resources empower their employees to become leaders, and he’s excited for his teammates to grow alongside the company.

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Isaac is a coffee drinker by day and an indie rock musician at night. His biggest (and most adorable) fans are his three kids.

Kevin Wencel

Minneapolis President

Kevin Wencel isn’t in sales for profit. He’s in it for the leadership and communication skills that the industry builds. His customer-driven philosophy carried him through a sales position at US Foods corporate and as a sous chef at Restaurant Alma. For Kevin, sales go beyond the individual level. It gets coworkers to cheer for their business and customers to come back for their favorite cup o’ joe. He believes the real heart of sales is the people, and focusing on them helps our brands succeed. It’s driven his love of the food and beverage industry and the cus

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Kevin is a family man through and through. He enjoys working on home projects with his wife, cheering on his son at swim practice, urban exploring with his son in search of Twin Cities graffiti art, and taking his dog on early morning walks. He also enjoys playing in a competitive cornhole league, cooking, and playing the piano.

A team of lifelong learners, our leaders challenge new ideas, share innovative practices, and spark passion in others.

You’ll find decades of industry experience within the leadership team across coffee, food & beverage, retail, technology, and more. And above all, you’ll get people who love to connect over a good cup of coffee, just like you.

Want a passionate partner in the coffee business? Let’s grab that cup.

Working together to elevate local specialty coffee.
Working together to elevate local specialty coffee.