Our Purpose

Crafting authentic coffee experiences that awaken and empower us all to shape a better world.

This is FairWave

FairWave Coffee Collective is a brew of distinct brands united by our passion for local specialty coffees and experiences.

As a Collective, we have the resources to learn from one another while still retaining the essence and values of our unique brands.

Our strength comes from the individual experience of every member of our Collective, from our sourcing experts to our local leaders.

Our Core Pillars

Our filter for bringing brands into the Collective. Here’s what we’re looking for and how to know if you are ready to join.
FairWave Core Values

Our brands inspire us to live up to these principles:

Preserve and Improve

Bravely Accountable

Better Together

Fervently Curious

Grow With Us

Do these core pillars ring true for your brand?

You are sourcing with integrity.

We don’t just know our partners. FairWave builds relationships with ethical producers. Our focus on farm-direct sourcing gives back to the communities that grow the coffee beans and other resources that our businesses depend on. The coffee experience is rooted in local communities, but its impact stretches far beyond. We’re open about and proud of every part of our supply chain, from the grain that blooms into warm pastries to the seeds at the center of our roasts.

In action:The Roasterie + Fazenda Lagoa in Brazil

The Roasterie’s 25+ year relationship with Fazenda Lagoa (Farm by the Lake) continues today with a partnership beyond coffee. The Roasterie helped to fund a social center for the thirty multi-generational families that live and work on the property and the seasonal workers that join for harvest.


You hold your brand to a high standard of quality.

The highest quality standards for coffee we buy, the way we roast, the brewing equipment we use at cafes, the merchandise we use and sell, and the suppliers we choose to partner with. Every coffee tells a story through the art and science of roasting. Our experts know every part of the process, from the ideal climate for bean growth to the roasting process. Our specialty coffees reveal their origins through complexity, whether the citrusy notes of a Columbian blend or the honey-like texture of Ethiopian coffee.

In action:Messenger Coffee Co. & IBIS Bakery + The art of roasting & baking

Messenger Coffee Company is the messenger of extraordinary coffee. The roasting team uses art and science to balance the sweetness and complexity of each new coffee they discover. Beyond coffee, Messenger partnered with IBIS Bakery, another brand in the Collective, to offer bread and pastries made in small batches with local grain, natural yeast, and incorporate the best ingredients for a taste unmatched. 


Your focus is local.

Coffee businesses are about more than caffeination. They’re at the heart of daily routines and lifelong passion projects. They wouldn’t have gotten where they are today without the unwavering support of their local customers. That’s why FairWave emphasizes each brand’s people, products, and places. Our local leadership, local marketing, and local roasting ensure that the experience stays, well, local. And, local is more than the neighborhood. It’s the community that takes care of each other. Our brands, like yours, are coffee companies with a conscious, and we invest in local partnerships and causes.

In action:Spyhouse Coffee Roasters + AC Cooler

Spyhouse Coffee Roasters and ANTZ collaborated on an exclusive drink that gives back to at-risk youth in their community. The AC Cooler has become a café stable and fan-favorite drink, with 100% of proceeds donated to Juxtaposition Arts, nonprofit youth art and design education center, gallery, retail shop, and artists’ studio space in North Minneapolis. 


You know the power of a café experience.

Cafés invite first jobs, first dates and connections. The moment it all comes together – fantastic coffee, brewing equipment, water, temperature, environment, and people. It can’t be crafted anywhere else. That’s why FairWave continues to invest in and expand local cafés. We know that the moment someone is introduced to specialty coffee, they won’t return. You know cafés are essential, and we continue to invest in their success to reach more people.

In action: Spyhouse Expansion into Rochester, MN

The expansion of Spyhouse Coffee Roasters into the growing community of Rochester, MN–home of the Mayo Clinic–marks its first venture outside of the Twin Cities metro area. Housed within the TownePlace Suites Mayo Clinic hotel, this expansion not only brings an elevated coffee experience to hotel guests and the local community as a whole, it is also the first location to add wine and local craft beers to the menu.


You aren’t here for the status quo.

innovation and creativity are central to the FairWave Collective. We believe that together, we bring more ideas, knowledge, and advancement when it comes to pushing the barriers to what is typical. Our brands have innovative ways to approach their business and create new product ideas. And together, with FairWave moving us forward, we’ll lead the industry.

In action:FairWave transforms the single-serve coffee experience.

FairWave’s new, innovative pod technology is designed with one goal in mind: to give you the best single serve coffee experience. Enjoy 18% more coffee packaged at The Roasterie Coffee Roasting Facility in Kansas City.